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New Leadership for a Bright Future in Everett

As a working mom of four kids, Demi has spent 15 years advocating for inclusive, high-quality educational environments in our public schools. Years of raising issues and talking with school officials and community members about possibilities and barriers to meeting these challenges made it is clear to Demi that one of the best ways to care for our children is to care for families and working people.

Demi is running for the Everett City Council in District 5 to bring a fresh voice of advocacy to the table centering the needs of working families and moving Everett closer to fulfilling its promise of providing a high quality of life for all residents.

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Working Families are the Anchors of our Community


Demi knows that caring for the quality of life of our community members means working to ensure that we build a strong future Everett for all.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has put an unimaginable strain on families, workers, and local businesses. But it has also highlighted the critical importance of the working people who serve our community; our first responders, our health workers, our teachers and school district staff, our library and transit and many other public sector workers, our grocery and restaurant workers, our warehouse and delivery workers, our childcare and elder care workers…and the list goes on.


As we move through this crisis toward a health and economic recovery, our hard-working residents must not be left behind.


Demi wants to know about the issues that matter most to you. To continue learning about your experiences and perspectives, she is on a listening tour in the community.


​Would you like to add your voice to these discussions? Please send us a message or email (info@demichatters.com) with your thoughts, or to schedule a phone, virtual, or safe & socially distanced conversation with Demi.

Let's work together to bring Accessible & Accountable Leadership to District 5

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