Help bring Accessible & Accountable leadership to District 5.

Working Families are the Anchors of our Neighborhoods

Empty storefront.jpg

Economic Opportunity

Too many storefronts, like this one pictured at the Everett Mall, sit empty. Demi will advocate for jobs and opportunity for working people. She will work to support:

  • Sustainable business development that revitalizes our local retail and business offerings.

  • Investment in physical infrastructures to ensure efficient movement of people, goods, and services and to meet the future needs of businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Investment in people infrastructures to build a workforce development pipeline that creates generations of highly skilled workers.

  • Partnerships with organizations that demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access through data driven benchmarking measures.

  • Workers' rights and fair collective bargaining.

  • Transparent governance and budget reorganization proposals being sent directly to voters for input.

  • Expansion of permitted Home-Based Business Occupations to allow more entrepreneurs opportunities to develop their own businesses from their own homes.

  • Local government and Business working together to meet the needs of the people.

Safe Neighborhoods and Affordable Housing

As Everett continues to grow, residents increasingly struggle to find housing that works for them. Demi knows that communities benefit from those who work in Everett also being able to live in Everett. Demi also knows that residents want to feel safe in their homes and on our streets. She will work to support:

  • Partnerships with organizations that develop housing options that are affordable for a range of income and resource levels.

  • Evidence-Based Approaches to getting unhoused residents immediately off the streets.

  • Reconsideration of old zoning regulations that may prevent new solutions.

  • Family and community services that address underlying issues keeping residents in unsafe situations like addiction, untreated mental health conditions, domestic violence, and economic instability.

  • Effective public safety measures that demonstrate Everett's commitment to Equity, Equality, and Safety for all residents.


District 5 Community

Demi is listening to community conversations about the needs in District 5. She will remain accessible and accountable to residents and work to support the people's priorities:

  • Invest in an accessible South Everett Senior Center.

  • Explore opportunities to create small, walkable parks embedded within our neighborhoods.

  • Build sidewalks in our neighborhoods to increase street safety for kids, families, pet walkers, and wheelchair or mobility scooter users.

  • Reinforce the structural stability of old roads and overpasses seeing increasingly heavier use due to new construction.

  • Maintain and expand our green spaces, walking paths and trails to keep them clear and safe.

  • Complete the Silver Lake walking trail connecting Hauge Homestead, Thornton A. Sullivan and Green Lantern Park. 

  • Explore opportunities to create community garden spaces in South Everett.

  • Invest in South Everett streetscape projects that increase walkability and traffic safety through signage, intersection/lane markings, raised medians, bicycle lanes, improved signals, reconfigured signal timing, etc.

  • Increase outreach efforts to provide more opportunities for residents to participate in neighborhood and community discussions.